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Welcome to EDGE Sporting Management. Specialising in nurturing, guiding and mentoring the next batch of professional racing drivers as they progress up the motor racing ladder. Whether you are making the transition from karts to cars, or simply are a gentleman driver, EDGE will develop and evolve you as a racing driver with our first class driver management. Let us take the strain of negotiating drives, fitness programs, team placement, and travel logistics, leaving you to grow as a driver. EDGE think laterally, and not simply follow the crowd, enabling your budget to go further.

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Based at the home of British Motorsport, Silverstone Circuit, EDGE will manage every process of your motor racing career whether it be bridging the gap from Kart's into Car racing, or preparing you for a full factory drive at the top level of sportscar racing, EDGE take care of it.


We only use the best suppliers and partners to enhance our drivers growth and development. From Base performance simulators to the very best in sports psychologists and fitness experts, EDGE has a network and in house team of the ‘best in the business’ to ensure our drivers get the very best support.


EDGE go the extra mile to elevate your racing career. Beyond on-track success, we handle sponsorship proposals, e-brochures, website development, and PR needs. Let us take care of the details while you focus on your journey to becoming a top-tier racing driver.

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