EDGE have partnered up with one of the UK’s top Research & Development businesses, RDA UK Ltd. Long term sponsors of selected drivers and good friends of the business the team at RDA are as passionate about R&D Tax credits as they are motorsport.

RDA is an expert in achieving Research and Development tax credits for businesses across all industry sectors through a unique, specialist consultancy-and-advocacy approach.

RDA UK Mission Statement

At RDA we know how privileged we are to be facilitators of the brilliant best of British business, fuelling the imagination, innovation and iteration that make the UK one of the world’s leading-edge economies. By extending our deep well of knowledge of Research and Development across all industry sectors, we can successfully recognise, reflect and reward our clients’ own unique endeavours in R&D.

With a firm commitment to excellent communication, we can deliver the highest-quality, most professional experience possible for our clients, through every step of their R&D-claim journey. We will always act with integrity, taking great care in our research of their affairs and activity while developing a thorough understanding of their people and processes.

And for the team at RDA, we pledge to be held accountable for providing a flexible working environment where they can flourish around a breadth and variety of work that makes every day interesting.