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Edge will manage every process bridging the gap from Kart’s into Car racing.We know how difficult is is to place your son/daughter with the right team, in the right championship. This early stage of their career is one of THE most important times for them as a driver.
Place drivers with THE best teams in the paddock, only at the RIGHT time for the driver.Driver placement is where Edge excel. We have seen too many drivers get pushed into drives when they weren’t quite ready. This is the make or break moment for them as a driver. Edge know when the time is right.
Negotiate the best deals with the best teams.Having built solid foundations with the best teams, we know where we can negotiate the best deal, with the correct people working with your little superstar to get the very best from them as a driver.
Partnership with I Zone driver performance simulators and give our drivers PRIORITY when booking sim sessions.Simulator testing is becoming as important and more cost effective as actual testing. We are in partnership with the best in the business and our own driver coaches are all fully trained to get the most out of the sim session with your driver.
Present at every test day, training session, sponsor event and media training day.We make sure that a member of the Edge team is present every time you head out in the world of motorsport. Having support at every moment is crucial to develop drivers into full time pro’s.
Affiliations with the top Formula One teams, enabling OUR drivers that ‘foot in the door’, but only when we feel the time is right.We have links with all of the top Formula One teams, and can open doors into young driver programs, but only when the time is right. We have seen drivers drawn into Formula One teams too early, and that is the breaking point of their career.
Budget and financial management.Maximising the budget is as important as developing the driver, and Edge have years of experience in this field.
Fitness, nutrition, and training programs.Working closely with trainers at I Zone and our own personal trainers mean that we have THE best fitness and nutritional advice to hand to make drivers perform above and beyond their expectations.
Manage all travel/accommodation/logistical needs.Probably the most time consuming element of any racing drivers racing career is the travel and logistical movements. Edge take care of this and let drivers focus on the racing.
Manage and Supply sponsorship proposals, e-brochures, website and general PR needs.A professional, well published sponsorship may be the deciding factor between that crucial deal coming your way, or just being put straight in the bin.
Specialists in sponsorship pitches and proposals, tailoring each pitch to suit the clients needs.Working with large bluechip brands in a sponsorship environment is very different to tailoring your pitch to an investor. Edge has experience in pitching to all types of backing, whether it be a small branding sponsorship deal, or a large private investment, we can tailor the pitch accordingly.