Sports Psychology and Fitness

Gloria Budd

Gloria Budd has dedicated over four decades to the field of Motorsport, commencing her journey in Formula One during the vibrant days of 1978. Over the subsequent two decades, she developed a keen interest in the significance of mindset concerning winning. Engaging in a comprehensive study of various forms of psychology and clinical hypnosis for three years, she achieved full qualification as a Performance and Mindset Coach in 2001.

In the realm of Racing Today, Gloria has been a firsthand witness to significant positive transformations in Motorsport, particularly in terms of driver safety. Nevertheless, she holds the belief that the abundance of available data for drivers today may at times prove distracting, leading to overthinking and consequently compromising performance.

Leveraging cutting-edge neuro-science techniques, Gloria Budd is adept at assisting individuals in cultivating a clear and focused mind. Her aim is to provide the necessary tools for drivers to operate intuitively, enabling them to perform at their optimal level with ease.

Sam Kibble

Sam is a Strength & Conditioning coach managing the fitness programs for the drivers at EDGE. Alongside his role at EDGE Sam can be found at De Montfort University where is responsible for Strength, conditioning and Sports Massage Therapy at Top Tier Physiotherapy in Leicester. Sam has worked in Motorsport for the past 6 years and helps to promote the benefits of being a robust and athletic driver whilst incorporating progressive programs that work around some very busy driver schedules.

Benefits of training:

All of the programs that we put together are specific to each driver to help improve their individual performance, whichever category they may be driving in. Working around a hectic racing schedule, making sure drivers are prepared for the next step in their driving career and trying to include some of their personal goals too are all things we would look into first.

Being in the best condition possible allows drivers to concentrate 100% on the driving. Losing concentration because they are fatigued, making a mistake during qualifying because they didn’t prepare properly or maybe even losing a place in those final laps. This could all be avoided.

EDGE drivers are an athlete as much as a driver, so if they train with consistency and intensity, we can help you become a more rounded, alert and efficient driver.